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LAAPFF 2010: Karin Anna Cheung and her recent visit to Japan

Jun 3rd, 2010
Posted by katzueno
On May 6th, 2010, YokosoNews visited Aratani/Japan America Theatre to check out the Closing Night of Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2010. And we spotted Karin Anna Cheung, actor, singer/songwriter and artist, who starred in various Asian American films and TV. She told me that she just went to Japan this April. So we did the brief interview how was her visit to Japan. Read More

Catch Japanese' love of insects from "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"

May 27th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
Don't miss this documentary which is playing across the US right now! In addition to Japanese' love to anime or cartoon, they have one more addiction, insect. Some spent a couple hundred dollars to collect beetles, or dragon flies to pet. They collect crickets to enjoy the sound. A New York-based animal keeper and docent at the American Museum of Natural History, Jessica Oreck, was facinated by the way Japanese treat the insects and its environment. And she tried to challenge the Western-way of viewing the nature by making the film, "Beetle Queen Conqures Tokyo" Read More

"Cosplay in America" Book Release Party (Part 2) - Interviews

May 26th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
On Sunday, May 23, 2010, YokosoNews visited "Cosplay in America" Book Release Party. We interviewed about a dozen of Cosplayers on-site whether she/he was in the book or not. Why do they do cosplay? Read More

"Cosplay in America" Book Release Party (Part 1)

May 25th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
On Sunday May 23, 2010, Royal/T was holding the book release party of "Cosplay in America" by Ejen Chuang. The music was mixed by Tune in Tokyo. We interviewed Ejen, Greg and Del from Tune in Tokyo, and many other cosplayers. Read More

Aftershock LA Live Streaming

May 16th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
At Sun, 5/16/2010 11:30am (JST) or Sat 5/15/2010 7:30pm (PST), YokosoNews will broadcast a benefit event "Aftershock LA" for Build Change at Royal/T. Royal/T is the first J-pop cosplay art gallery and cafe in Cullver City, CA. And many Japanese artists are part of this event. So why don't we broadcast live? The event includes art auction, DJ music, dance performance, games and etc. This broadcast was organized at the last minutes. So prepare for all kind of problem! Read More

Japanese curry rice cooking contest #1 in LA! - How to make delicious Japanese curry rice

May 8th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
Japanese curry is the one of the best Japanese food. Katz (Editor of YokosoNews) must eat it once a week! If you are interested in Japanese food, you must know about Japanese curry rice. Because there are more and more Japanese food products available outside Japan. You can now cook Japanese curry rice easier than ever! So we decided to broadcast live how to cook Japanese curry outside Japan! Although cooking Japanese curry rice is easy if you use pre-made curry paste, ten (10) different people make 10 (ten) different home-made curry rice. It's fun to taste and talk about how people cook curry their own way! Read More

James Kyson Lee Interview

Apr 30th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
On April 19, 2010, Katz from YokosoNews got the exclusive interview from James Kyson Lee. James is known for a several Japanese roles including Ando from NBC's "Heroes". Although he's Korean, he is very related to Japan. So we asked him a couple questions how he became an actor, and how he got the role of Ando. Also we asked him what he thought about the people complaining about non-Japanese actors are playing Japanese roles. Read More

Japanese Actors in Hollywood

Apr 24th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
When I was covering Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2010, I met many Japanese actors on-site. And I was able to meet some of them as well. Although I've lived in LA for about 7 years, I've never really worked with Japanese actors. And I also had a question how they are doing in LA. If I am wondering about how they are doing in LA, I'm sure many people would wonder how they are doing.... so I decided to call a couple people, and decided to do a Ustream program about their lives. Read More

New Beverly Cinema surrounded by Japanese cinemas

Apr 12th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
The complete coverage of Japan Film Festival 2010 Los Angeles during the 1st weekend (4/10~11). The interviews include; the directors of Picture Battle 2010 (some are in Japanese), Kzuyuki Izutsu (Chief Judget in Japanese), Shinichiro Okano (Producer of Picture Battle in Japanese), Film Festival moviegoers, Yatterman fans, Arashi fans, Sohee Park (starring in "Romen Girl"), Omar Samad (director of "Takeo"), Yutaka Takeuchi (starring in "Takeo"), Teru Takeyama (producer of "Hirosaki Players"), Eijiro Ozaki (starring in "Hirosaki Players"), Keiichiro Sugiyama (The Hokkoku Simbun correspondent in Japanese), Cellin Gluch (director of "Sideways"). The screening coverage includes LA premieres of "Ramen Girl", "Sideways" "Yatterman", and International Premiere of "Sakura Sakura". Read More

Japan Film Festival 2010 Opening Night Gala

Apr 9th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
The interviews include: Rome Kanda, Fridia Niimura, Robert Allan Ackerman (Ramen Girl), Kayako Takatsuna, Max Kawabata. And the coverage include the stage greetings of a Japanese director, Kazuyuki Izutsu, Cellin Gluck (Sideways) and the performance of Hollywood Entertainment Academy and Caligraphy performance by Kayako Takatsuna. Read More