YokosoNews Writers

James Calbraith
I'm a 34-year old Polish traveller, foodie and author of fantasy books about Japan. I live in London. I have been to Japan many times now - Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu - and I'm completely in love with the country. I'm learning Japanese and my life dream is opening a Polish restaurant in Kyoto called "Pierogi-ya" :) 100 words short bio about your self
Jason Gatewood
I'm a human being currently living aboard Starship Earth. My goal is to go to all the places in this world and learn as much as I can about the things that people earlier in my life told me I wouldn't.
Joe Brauer
Race enthusiast, maid lover, butler, cosplayer and chemist. I go my own way, may it be an inconvinient as possible. But at least it's my own.
Jose Renteria
Jose Renteria, reporter in Los Angeles, USA. He loves to cover Japanese pop culture.
Jun Takai
Bike lover living in Suzuka, Mie, Japan.
Katz Ueno
As the Editor-in-chief & Producer of YokosoNews, Katz wants to show Japan to the rest of the world.
Kien Seng
My name is Kien Seng, I am from Malaysia, interested in Japan Culture and ACG events.
Lowies Chew
Currently, I run my own bussiness. Also I sometime do cosplay & doujin activity. I keep attending any anime/otaku event or functions. I'm crazy and royalt to Japan culture.
Maiyim Baron
Maiyim is a professional Japanese interpreter, who runs a company www.JapaneseInterpreter.com, which offers communication services specialized in Japanese.
Marina Tamiko Mizioka
Marina T. Mizioka is half sansei, half yonsei, born, raised and living in São Paulo, Brazil since 1979.