YokosoNews Writers

Matthias Jaap
I am from Germany and first came to Japan in 2004. From 2007-2010 I lived in Tokyo and studied Japanese. I still frequently visit the country and love taking pictures and videos.
Michael Tang
Michael Tang, a self-proclaimed otaku interested in anime, manga, and Japan, is a videographer who covers local events in the Southern California area.
Misa Inaba
Misa lives in Nagoya.
Paul "Ninja" Funatani
Ninja Paul is born and raised in Japan, and then lived in Los Angeles for a several years.
Ririka Kudara
Ririka is from Nagoya, Japan & currently in Los Angeles to study.
Robert Lay
I'm French and I'm living in Tsu (Mie Prefecture, Japan). I'm a Mie University student and I pass and examination in August to become a doctor student in robotic, mechatronics and maybe more.
Sarah Fukui
I am from South Carolina, USA. I came to Japan for the first time in May of 2009 to meet my fiancee's family and moved here permanently in 2010.
Satomi Okane
Satomi lives in Nagoya.
Satomi Imai
Satomi, born in Toyofuta Osaka, spend most of her childhood in various countries such as Iran, Singapore, and the United States.
Sayaka Brooker
Sayaka lives in London in the UK. She is a freelance translator from Japanese to English.