Itasha Exhibition at Aichi Pop Culture Festa

Mar 1st, 2011
Posted by atsushiumeda
Quick photo report of Itasha Exhibition at PopCul in Nagoya, Japan Read More

YokosoNews Weekly - Japanese Films 101

Feb 20th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
Live on Sun, Feb 20, 2011 (JST) at 4pm. The weekly live streaming show to talk about what's happening in Japan or around Japan. In this week, Japan Academy Awards was revealed. YokosoNews will introduce what kind of Japanese films you should watch. Read More

YokosoNews Weekly - Hamster the movie

Feb 13th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
Live on Sun, Feb 13, 2011 (JST) at 4pm. The weekly live streaming show to talk about what's happening in Japan or around Japan. In this week, we will welcome the filmmakers of the award-winning independent film, "Etienne" - Jeff Mizushima, the Japanese American director and writer from Los Angeles and Giacun Caduff, the producer from Switzerland - to talk about their journey of making the very cut… Read More

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance released in North America

Feb 10th, 2011
Posted by joserenteria
"Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance is the second film of in four part film series, re-imagining the sci-fi animated series blockbuster Neon Genesis, written and directed by Hideaki Anno. Read More

Gantz post mortem - Los Angeles Premiere

Jan 22nd, 2011
Posted by xvmonarose
Excitement rose as 4:30 neared. There was Nino surrounded by security. Nino (Kazunari Ninomiya) wore black leather pants, black leather vest with vertical zipper trim, and a light grey suit jacket, and the most amazing black patent leather shiny, shiny and shiny pointy toed boots. Read More

Utada Hikaru "Wild Life" will be on Ustream

Dec 6th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
At 7pm on this Wed, Dec 8, 2010, Utada Hikaru, the most influential Japanese singer, will broadcast her last concert on Ustream due to the high demands from oversea fans. Now, the fans from all over the world can witness her last performance live before she will go into indefinite break. Read More

Ryuichi Sakamoto Ustream Live from Los Angeles

Nov 5th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
An acclaimed Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, is going to perform in Los Angeles, and broadcast it live on Ustream at 9pm on Nov 5, 2010 (PST). It's time to appreciate the music, and enjoy the spiritual piano solo concert! Read More

X-Japan wrapped North America tour

Oct 13th, 2010
Posted by satomix
On Saturday, September 25th, 2010, X-Japan kicked off their North America tour from Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. And they just finished the New York concert on October 10, 2010. This is the live report of the LA concert. Read More

Sharp and TSUTAYA to launch a new online store of Japanese entertainment

Oct 6th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at CEATEC 2010 Japan, Sharp announced the partnership with Cultural Convenience Club to launch the online store of Japanese music and movie for the Android touch pad device, GALAPAGOS. Read More

TOSHIBA’s glassless 3D TV has been revealed at CEATEC Japan 2010

Oct 5th, 2010
Posted by katzueno
TOSHIBA revealed the rumored glassless 3D TV set to the press on October 4th, 2010, as the part of press tour of CEATEC Japan 2010: a comprehensive IT and electronic trade show opens today. Read More