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World Cosplay Summit 2010 - Digest

Feel the joy and excitement

This is 6 min digest video of World Cosplay Summit 2010 which was just held last weekend (7/31-8/1/2010).

Cosplay is short-term of (Costume + Play). It's the hobby of fans to dress up like Anime, Manga (comic) and/or game character, and act like one of them.

World Cosplay Summit begun in 2003 among 3 countries as a small cultural exchange event. But it has grown year after year. In 2005, they added Championship to compete and showcase who're the world best cosplayers. This year, 30 cosplayers from 15 countries came together in Nagoya, Japan last weekend.

The following video includes Nishiki Street Red Carpet, Cosplay Parade in Osu Shopping Arcade and World Cosplay Championship.

The digest video of World Cosplay Summit 2010 has been removed from our YouTube account.

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