Kyoto Gion Corner: A place to discover Japanese arts

Jul 24th, 2012
Posted by yokochan90
If you ever wanted to experience some of the most famous Japanese arts, you have the chance at Gion Corner in Kyoto. Find out about tea ceremony, ikebana, kyomai dance, bunraku and many more. Read More

Near Tokyo, Kamagaya may be the best spot for Annular Eclipse

May 19th, 2012
Posted by funnypainter
The historical annular eclipse is coming up on Monday, May 21. If you are around Tokyo, and wondering where to witness the eclipse, why not going to Kamagaya, Chiba? Read More

Narita Airport to launch foreign language badges

May 10th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Narita Airport started the foreign language badges program to let travelers know who can speak which languages in the airport terminal stores since end of April, 2012. Read More

Yozakura 2012 at Gojo River, Iwakura, Japan [Photo]

Apr 8th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Cherry blossoms at Gojo River (ごじょうがわ / 五条川) is known to be one of the best cherry blossom spots of Japan according to the popular poll by WalkerPlus. YokosoNews visited Gojo River riverside to witness the cherry blossom at night of April 7, 2012. Read More

Top 10 Japan's sakura spots of 2012

Apr 6th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
The Japan's cherry blossom are in full-bloom in this weekend in the many area of Japan, such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. WalkerPlus, Japan's famous town magazine, is conducting the online poll. Check out how Japanese people love to see. Read More

Cherry blossom 2012 early forecast released

Feb 21st, 2012
Posted by katzueno
WeatherNews just released the early forecast of Cherry Blossom for this 2012 season. This year, the cherry blossom tends to bloom a little later than last year due to the colder winter weather. Read More

The autumn in Korankei

Dec 7th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
We made a day trip to Korankei (こうらんけい or 香嵐渓) on Nov 22, 2011.Korankei Canyon is located in Toyota, which is 1.5 hrs drive from Nagoya. It's a narrow canyon but famous for the night illumination.It's just stunning view when you see it with your own eyes! Read More

The 19 year-old gets FREE lift tickets at 70 ski resorts in Japan during 2011-12

Oct 28th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
Jalan, the Japan's travel portal by Recruit, Ltd., will launch the Yuki Maji program with over 70 skiing resorts in Japan. If you're 19 years old, your lift tickets may be free during 2011-12 season. Read More

The Jpn gov't to invite 10,000 travelers to Japan for free

Oct 11th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
Japan Tourism Agency is planning to invite 10,000 tourists to Japan for free in FY2012. Read More

Gion Matsuri 2011 - Yoiyama

Jul 20th, 2011
Posted by katzueno
Virtual walking tour of Gion Matsuri 2011, Yoiyama from Kyoto, Japan on Sat, July 16, 2011. Gion Matsuri is considered as the one of the top 3 festival of Japan. Read More