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Samurai do not only exist in Japan

Did you think that samurai have only lived in Japan long time ago? No, nowadays you also can find some in Germany. In Bad Langensalza, a little city in the middle of Germany, every year in April the HANAMI festival takes places inside the Japanese garden. This year they celebrated their 10th anniversary and for sure you could find a lot of Japanese culture there.


One of the most special attractions at the Hanami festival in Bad Langensalza is the Dojo Kamakura from Naumburg. They present original Japanese samurai armors and kimono walking around dressed up with this all the day. Also some lucky ones out of the audience could dress into this traditional clothing while a how-to-wear-performance. The Dojo Kamakura presented some old samurai fighting skills with different arms. They made a real funny and interesting performance.


Another well-known Japanese sport is sumo. The world champions Torsten Scheibler and Jörg Brümmer reveald their performance – even fighting with some people and children out of the audience. 

My personal highlight was kyudo performance. It was the first time for me to see archery in real. A deep silence spread all over the place and the shots looked really beautiful.


Since it was the 10th anniversary the festival took part on two days at the weekend (normally it only takes place on Sunday). Therefore the program was also split for those days. I would have liked to see Taiko show, but it took place on the other day. I saw them the years before and it sounds really great.
(This picture is taken in 2012)


Furthermore you had the chance to watch a tradition tea ceremony, try origami by yourself and eat some sushi, even if last one was kind of expensive.

Even though it was a cherry blossom festival, because of the long winter in Germany you could not find those stunning flowers. But with all the Japanese atmosphere around you could feel a little bit like being in the land of the rising sun. 



Claudia Kuehlewindt
I am a 23-years-old girl from Germany. I became interested in Japan already in the age of 10 and now Japan is the country I love the most. Starting in October 2013 I will stay in Japan for one year with Working Holiday Visa.
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