E3 Brief: Not seeing in 3D, but playing in 3D



While the people were cheering next door for basketball and film festival, there were 40,000 people came to Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) from June 15-17, 2010. Though the many people were expecting for the 3D phenomena. The innovation of "3D interface" seems to be the next level of TV gaming.

E3 really began with Microsoft XBOX 360's press briefing. Thanks to the Internet, the press briefing was broadcasted live. Everybody had a chance take a look at their new interface Kinect.


Nintendo's new portable device, 3DS, requires no glasses what-so-ever to experience the 3D.


Sony came out with Playstation Move. The similar to Kinect, but requires holding the controllers on your hands.


Sony talked about their PlayStation supports 3D. The advantage of 3D gaming is the feel of involvement. I got to test-drive Grand Turismo 5 in 3D. The difference between playing 2D and 3D is "player's perspective". When you play a regular 2D games, you are just controlling the character or machine from outside. On the other hand, playing 3D gives the feeling of stepping into the TV monitor, especially when you are playing closer to the TV set or bigger display.

I enjoyed Grand Turismo 5 in 3D. It's worth playing with greater experience. But my question is whether you want to pay $500 more for that experience? You also need 3D glasses to wear all the time.



Nintendo 3DS, on the other hand, was evolutional. It's because you don't require any 3D glass to experience the 3D. This is the huge advantage of Nintendo 3DS.


Nintendo 3DS will give you the different kind of 3D experience from PS3. Sony's 3D experience tries to bring you into the screen. But 3D of Nintendo 3DS helps to expand the depth of screen by having it on 3D. Adding the Z-axis of screen would expand the creativity of handheld gaming.


But the most impressive work was shown by Xbox's Kinect.


20 years ago, the motion capture required multiple cameras and the large space, and the people had to wear the clothes with marks. But now, Kinect removed them all with one small device placed on the TV set.

Your Share Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft gives the amazing response of the player's movement whether they are skinny, short, fat, or tall. The device instantly recognized the body, and the motion capture was very precious. Kinect told me that my feel was not straight enough when I was doing Taichi. The machine convinced me that I need to be loosen up.



SEGA was showing the demo for Sonic Free Ride. The Sonic-speed enhances the joy of motion-controll game. They were only showing the live demo by SEGA's staff. The visitors were not allowed to play. But SEGA's Sonic Free Ride is the must-check game of Kinect.



For Playstaion Move, we played the Archery game of Sports Champion. The recognition of the controllers was still glitchy at this point. But holding the controllers gives the different experience that Kinect will offer.


At the end, though, it's all about what kind of "better" games XBOX or Playstation can offer in the future.

We are human beings who get tired if the same thing. And we always want to have new technology. Starting from WII games, The trend of TV gaming seems to be the evolution of interface rather than 3D image itself. From simple controller consoles, the interface is also becoming "3D".

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