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The GazettE - DIVISION


"We wanted to redefine what 'MADE IN JAPAN' is all about", when the GazettE announced a new album last year, obviously the expectations were high. On August 29th 2012 Division has already set sail to 62 countries around the world. With five released studio albums and a full packed Tokyo Dome at the end of 2010 GazettE made clear that they have a say in the matter of japanese rock music. The regular edition of the album includes twelve brand new songs.

"[XI]" You would never expect such an opening on a rock album. It consists only of electronical elements and some spoken vocal chords here and there. The song starts quite calm but turns quickly wild with a fast danceable pace.

note: You can clearly feel it - the beginning of something big.

"Gabriel on the Gallows" is an amazingly fast track with outstanding drums, sexy vocal parts and a distorted guitar solo, which reminds of "Vortex". The chorus does not end ordinary, what adds that certain something to this song.

note: One of the best songs on the album.

"Derangement" starts with a long fluting electronical sound. The vocoder is well used and fits the song perfectly. Drummer Kai shows us some great drum beats. In terms of guitars you get to hear an almost perfect synchronicity between rhythm and lead guitar.

note: Catchy chorus. Strident song.

With "Dripping Insanity" the GazettE show us that they know exactly how to add softer songs to their usual rock range. The ballad pictures a bygone time. The vocals are accompanied by warm female vocal chords here and there, which add the sweetness to the song. The flirting guitar solo puts you on an emotional rollercoaster and supports the feeling of nostalgia throughout the song.

note: Dramatically outstanding and best song on the album.

"Yoin" is a dark and heavy song, which fades really well. The intro creates a horror feeling that lasts throughout the song. The guitar solo is strong and playful - it weakens the gloominess for the moment. This song describes the situation during the tsunami and the nuclear power plant on March 11th, 2011, what makes it special.

note: This song has definitely soundtrack potential.

"Ibitsu" reminds one very much of "Shiver" despite the fact that Shiver creates a much darker atmosphere. The band itself stated that this song might seem old fashioned, like a song of the 90s. Overall it is a solid song with an easy pace and no big surprises.

Note: Good.

"Kagefumi" is a soft and sweet ballad with a lot of emotions. The guitar solo whose first chords start right in the middle of the song seem a little protracted, but they rise beautifully. While the essence of the song is clear, it seems difficult to grasp the real meaning behind those lyrics.

note: Amazing guitar solo that makes you feel like floating in the air. There is someone definitely toying with our heartstrings.

"Kage no Sanagi" is a pure and light composition without electronical influence. The sounds of the guitars make this song sounding calm and serene. The acoustic guitar solo in the last third of the song is beautiful.

note: The song shows GazettE's strong points in terms of simplicity.

"Hedero" is a catchy rock song with pop elements and a contemporary rhythm. The pauses inbetween stir up the excitement. They are well placed. A song that makes you wanna dance.

note: Impressive.

"Attitude" is a song full of digital elements that seem to fight with each other because of the overflowing passion in the sound. The playful and flirty melody near the end weakens the heavy sound of the song for a few seconds, which is highly welcome.

note: It is hard to get used to it.

"Required Malfunction" is an optimistic song which brightens the mood. It is energetic with a vivid melody and a wild sounding double bass drum, which gives you a feeling of pleasure all through. The variety in the guitar sound is great.

note: An energetic party song with amazingly fast drum beats.

"[Melt]" sounds like an ordered retreat conducted by a shrill drum sound. The first seconds are resemble to "Omega".

note: Kind of noisy.

Even after ten years of band history the band did not leave its roots, but still remain flirtatious with different sounds. Division is definitely an album which leaves a strong impact on what this band is capable of. Those who missed the strong guitar sound on the previous album will be highly entertained. The arrangement of some songs is very interesting and something you should pay attention to. Overall it is an album packed with a strong drum and guitar sound, emotional vocals and a lot of modern electronical influence. It is made in Japan, that is for sure.




Release date in Japan: August 29th, 2012

Release date in Europe: October 12th, 2012 (released under JPU Records)

Label: Sony Music Records Japan

Genre: Rock, Metal

Language: Japanese, English

TRT: 43 min 24 sec

Web site: http://www.pscompany.co.jp/gazette/ 

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