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Studio Ghibli slightly revealed its plan to Southeast Asia

Already established in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and now negotiating Vietnam

Studio Ghibli is planning to keep story development in Japan but to move the animation production to Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and now negotiating in Vietnam.

On August 7, 2014, Toshio Suzuki, the producer and president of Studio Ghibli, appeared on NHK's live morning TV show "Asaichi (朝イチ)" to help promote Ghibli alumni's animation program and documentary program.

Toshio Suzuki on NHK's Asaichi


At the end of the interview, he started to reveal their plan of the Studio.


  • Studio Ghibli will no longer have its production department in Japan.
  • They will keep the story development in Japan.
  • They already established animation production base in Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.
  • Suzuki is currently negotiating in Vietnam.
  • The main reason of its move is NOT about finance.
  • The main reason was the motivation of the animators in Japan.

Suzuki didn't mention how the Southeast Asian studio operates, whether it was Studio Ghibli owned or subcontracting.

But it adds another proof that Studio Ghibli is dismantling their production department in Japan and move to Southeast Asian countries from our earlier report.


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