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TOSHIBA’s glassless 3D TV has been revealed at CEATEC Japan 2010


TOSHIBA revealed the rumored glassless 3D TV to the press on October 4th, 2010, as the part of press tour of CEATEC Japan 2010: a comprehensive IT and electronic trade show.


TOSHIBA had developed the technology to project two different images to left and right eye without glasses.

According to the several on-site reports, including AV Watch by Impress, and TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite, the technology is still immature level for the larger display. And you’ll get double image when you walk towards the side. Yet, the capability of watching 3D without annoying glasses would definitely attract to many tech-savvy people.

TOSHIBA recognized the needs for the larger screens. However, they were only able to put the smaller size display on production. They, of course, plan to release the larger display on the market in the neat future.



The display comes in two(2) 12 inch and 20 inch version.

Model # Size Resolution Estimated Price
20GL1 20 inch 1,280×720 Around 240,000 yen
12GL1 12 inch 466×350 Around 120,000 yen

They plan to release them at the end of this coming December in Japan. No plan has announced for the rest of the markets.

TOSHIBA also revealed “REGZA App Connect” system, which you can connect your iPhone to upto twenty (20) TOSHIBA TV, DVD, DVRs to control or centralized the information.


TOSHIBA’s Press Release (Japanese)

About 3D Glassless REGZA

About REGZA App Connect


Reports from Japanese Media

AV Watch by Impress (a lot of photos)

TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite (a video report)




This year’s CEATEC Japan 2010

CEATEC 2010 Japan opens today on October 5 through 9, 2010 at Makuhari Messe in Makuhari, Chiba, Japan.

CEATEC has been the one of the Japan’s primary exhibitions to witness the latest Japanese audio-visual and electronic technologies.

This year, companies' trends are “3D”, “mobile AR”, and “smart grid.”

Many companies are pushing 3D technologies to a new level, including Panasonic’s new LUMIX which has two lenses embedded to take 3D photo.

Mobile phone companies are trying to bring AR (augmented reality) such as NTT Docomo‘s “touchable 3D” for mobile phones. It’s a combination of small 3D display and tactic sensor.

And Nissan is showcasing a several smart grid technologies as the part of Yokohama Smart City Project.

City of Yokohama Press Release of Aug 12, 2010 (PDF)



Visit CEATEC on Saturday for free

CEATEC is open to the indusry today (Oct 5, 2010), and to the public tomororw (Oct 6, 2010). The pre-registered are free to enter from Oct 6. The rest have to pay 1,000 yen.

BUT, on October 9, 2010, everybody can get in for free. If you happened to be in the neighborhood, and have an urge to see Japan's latest technology, go there on Saturday for free.

But we're sure that Toshiba booth will be PACKED. If you really want to see the TOSHIBA's new 3D TV, you may want to consider paying 1,000 yen to enter (if you are not pre-registered).


CEATEC Admission

Date Invitation & Industry Public (Pre-registered) Public (At door)
Oct 4 Only to press Closed Closed
Oct 5 Invitation required Closed Closed
Oct 6-8 Free Free 1,000 yen
Oct 9 Free Free Free

For more information about schedule, visit...

CEATEC Admission


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