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X Japan new song "Jade" debut #1 on iTunes in Japan

After completing their first European tour, Japanese super rock band, X-Japan ranked #1 on iTunes and other Japanese music chart. X Japan seems unbeatable.


The July concert in Paris France. Photo courtesy of X Japan

The PV of "Jade" was shot on January 9, 2010 on the top of special stage at Hollywood/Highland but the song has never rusted after 1.5 years.


Jade was written and produced by Yoshiki (leader plays drum and key), and mixed by Andy Wallace.

X Japan has been always impressive with their powerful performance and vitality. Its mysteryous key-shift of guitar somehow attract listeners (or who can recognize that they shift the guitar key during the song?)

Specially, I would like to give a credit to Toshi (45 years-old vocal). He has reached another level, again. X Japan is a J-rock band. But Toshi's vocal sometime makes me feel as I were listening to a real opera. It's beyond goethic.

Yoshiki and Toshi met at the same class at the same kindergarden, and formed X when they were at high school. They are going to cerebrate 30th anniversary next year. Do your math and think about it. It's very unbelievable that they can still bring the agressive performance.

It has been the long journey since the announcement of their re-formation in 2007 without Hide. At first, I doubted that X Japan may not be able to re-form themselves without Hide. In addition, there was (and are still) the health concern of Yoshiki.

But the successful European concert, and continuous success of worldwide record sale convinced me that X Japan has become much bigger and more powerful rock band among all-time Japanese music history.

X Japan has sold out all the European shows instantly, Although it was their first European appearance. The fans were more than in-sync with X already.

According to Yoshiki, “The audience response was more than we ever could have imagined, the fans went crazy from the beginning of the shows, and it just got more and more intense as the nights went on.  At the show in the Netherlands, the fans got so excited, the barricade in front of the stage was broken through. By the end of every concert, everyone – the band and the fans – were absolutely elated.”

European press was also all over. RBB from Germany, BBC from UK, and Reuters featured and congratulate their arrival to Europe for the first time.

X Japan is currently recording the new album. (Jade is the part of new album). Let's keep the finger cross. But I'm afraid of Yohiki's back problem.


Photos courtesy of X Japan.

Katz Ueno
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