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Autumn has arrived to the dinner table in Japan [Photo]

Autumn has arrived to the dinner table in Japan. Sanma Fish, Sweet Potato, Kabocha Pumpkin.... Every where turns into orange and red in Japan, and enjoy the quick photo gallery of Japanese food in Autumn.

Read hungry!



Sanma Fish. Japanese people love to eat sanma fish in fall. It's cheap and full of nutrition. However, this year, Sanma fish went far west of Japan island due to the warm tempreture of the pacific ocean. So Sanma fish is hard to get and expensive this year.



Sanma fish, Grilled vegetable with mashroom and fried tofu, and sweet potato (satsuma imo), and sweet potato and beans in the rice (zakkoku gohan)



This is called "Zakkoku Gohan." The rice mixed with variety of millets. This time, beans and sweet potatoes are the main ingredience of Zakkoku Gohan.



You cannot talk without Japanese curry rice at YokosoNews. But this time, this curry rice has kabocha pumpkin!



Halloween is coming near you.



It's delicious to eat the left-over curry in the morning.



Katz Ueno
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