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Pikachu Café in Roppongi

Pikachu Café in Roppongi

This summer Tokyo has a new attraction for all fans of the little yellow Pokemon: the Pikachu Café. Come and enjoy some nice Pikachu Curry or eat delicious Pikachu Pancakes.

The Pikachu Café is located at the Tokyo City View, the observatory of Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills. Up from the 52th floor you have a wonderful view on Tokyo, especially the Tokyo Tower. But notice you have to pay 1,500 yen only for going up. When you arrived up there, you can enter an exhibition about the new Pokemon movie “Pokemon the movie XY” with many pictures, short movies and information provided in Japanese and English. I enjoyed the “Touch the monsterball” room, there random Pokemon appear on a screen when you touch one of the monsterballs.

After finishing the exhibition you reach the Pikachu Café. Don’t be too shocked if the staff member shows you a waiting time for 80 minutes. You should only spend 60 minutes at the table, so this time is calculated in the waiting time. If it is your turn and you are lucky enough that a table is free, you only have to wait for around 20 minutes. While waiting, you can decide what you want to eat with help of a very cute pikachu-shaped menu.



As we were two people we could try some of the different dishes. We ate Pikachu Curry and Pikachu Teriyaki Burger. Each you can order in a set with a drink and a Pikachu mango pudding. We also took the Pikachu Curryman and the Pikachu Parfait. To make it short: everything is really delicious and worth the money. Aside from this, for sure all the dishes look very cute.

If you now decided to make a visit to Pikachu Café, hurry up!! It will only be there until the end of August.





Little sightseeing hint: after you have filled your belly with delicious food you shouldn’t forget to take a look up to the Sky Deck, which is an open air observatory on the 54th floor of the Mori Tower (additional fee: 500 yen).



Claudia Kuehlewindt
I am a 23-years-old girl from Germany. I became interested in Japan already in the age of 10 and now Japan is the country I love the most. Starting in October 2013 I will stay in Japan for one year with Working Holiday Visa. Read more »