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Google Japan suggests 12 fun ways to spend with your family & friends during the holiday season (or waste your time)



Google Japan launched the very creative advertisement campaign on their products last November. This is very unusual for Google.

Once the following fashion show commercials started airing on Japanese TV. A small yet graduate vibe started building around Japan. Many people believe Apple is the leader of its marketing in the world. But it may not the case in Japan.

All of them are very creative, and hint the fun way to use search engines and services. And the best way to spend the fun time with your family or friends??


1. Fashion Show with Google Image Serch

Aith a projector, a white wall and a PC, you can do your fashion show (And don't waste any money!) This ad was created by Robbin Waldemar for Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.



2. Street Live with Google Chrome (& YouTube)

You can surpise your family member with the solo music ensemble with fast Google Chrome browser and YouTube video?



3. Space Adventure with Google Earth

Buy a couple discounted 3D TV sets, build a spaceship with an old used car, connect your PC and run Google Earth, you get to travel the universe!



4. "I can search!" using Google Voice Search

You have newly-born niece or cousin? Then start educating kids how to search.



5. Animation projects with Google Chrome tab

Draw the animation, scan them and browse them throng fast to animate with Google Chrome.



6. Make the guitar search!

Can you make your guitar search using Google Voice? Prove it to your kids that your guitar rules!



7. Search anywhere, anytime, no matter what severer environment you are in!

Sometime, you may need to conduct voice search under server conditions. You should spend the part of this holiday season for the following boot camp.



8. Safe-skydiving with Google Earth

I remember I got sick by jumping around the location to location using Google Earth. But with a projector, a screen, a rope and a big fan, you can convert sickening experience to exciting skydiving experience (and it's safer!).



9. The Driving Race across America with Google Street View!!??

You want to race against each other to drive from San Francisco to New York. But they've got no money but time. So use your mouse, and Google Street View! This is a very stupid but funny idea. It estimates 5 days to complete this Transamerica race. No cheating!?



10. Gmail Chicken Race - How long can you bare sending embarrassing email?

Gmail has the function to hold sending an email, and cancel it. If you've got a bunch or guys and girls, write up some embarrassing email, and set the recipient to your most desired girl/boy. Let's see how long can you hold? If failed, the embarrassing email will be sent to your girl/boy. A very very risky game.



11. Domino vs Chrome, which is faster?

This doesn't really show the speed of Chrome browser, and pretty much non-unique idea. But the kudos to the production team for the efforts.



12. Animal Shiritori

Play shiritori (Wikipedia) with Google Voice and Image Search. If you were able to voice search and animal photo shows up, you got your turn right.



Some of the suggestion are very easy and the peopla can start playing them immediately. Google has been boring search engine company for long time. But these commercials may change your mind. Google Japan now looks like Apple.

Actually, Apple is not a quite successfull in terms of their TV commercials in Japan. Apple is airing pretty much translated version of the US commercials all the time. The basic international marketing 101 says that they need to adopt the language, culture and tradition of the country. The simple word-to-word translation of the US marketing don't work most of the time.

I hope Apple to come up with the better commercials to beat these Google commercials in Japan.


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