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iPhone 5 may be out in June 2012


iPhone 5 may be released in June 2012 according to the report of World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo on April 2, 2012.


Fumihito Kobayashi, the correspondent of TV Tokyo Beijin Office, visited Taiyuan, Shanxi, China where the one of 13 Foxxcon factories is based.

The report was about the 10% stock acquisition of the Japanese electronics company Sharp Corporation by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd, the parent company of Foxxcon.

The TV Tokyo crew wanted to cover how the city of Taiyuan converted from the farming village to the China's fast developing industrial city thanks to Foxxconn.

The premises of the report was to show how Sharp Corporation may receive the benefit of Hon Hai Precision Industry.

During the report, TV Tokyo spotted many street signs in Taiyuen that Foxconn was looking to hire the new factory workers.

They sent a Chinese reporter to the Foxconn gate entrance and interviewed a person at the gate box.

According to the interview and Chinese-to-Japanese translation subtitles, they are looking to hire 18,000 factory workers in order to produce iPhone 5.




The reporter asked why Foxxcon wanted to hire 18,000 workers. The gatekeeper, who's in charge of accepting workers' appilication, answered, "because iPhone 5 may be releasing in this June."




This report was initially made for Sharp Corporation and Hon Hai Precision Industry partnership. It does not gurantee the acurracy of the information.


Watch the video

Watch the actual interview footage from TV Tokyo's WBS website.


The interview part starts at around [7:00]

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