514design 514design Masa Koishi Masa is a Japanese web director based in Kyoto, Japan.
achimrunnebaum Achimrunnebaum Achim Runnebaum Freelance Photographer, Writer, and Journalist. Achim was born in Germany, raised in the States, and is currently living in Japan.
adampayne Adampayne Adam Payne Father, marketer and teacher. Been in Nagoya for 12 years. Married. One daughter, another on the way. I have 2 blogs already (but I rarely write about Japan....more online business). I love sports, travel, food and family time.
annevornbrock Annevornbrock Anne Vornbrock Anne is a photographer intent on improving living in Nagoya, Japan. In love with the land of the rising sun she tries to capture the many faces of Japan.
ashchetri Ashchetri Ash Chetri Ash is a Cognitive Neuroscience student as well as a trainee tutor in Psychology. His main interests are consumer electronics, science, culture, and language.
atsushiumeda Atsushiumeda Atsushi Umeda Japanese guy with a little taste of Otaku.
camivarjoghe Camivarjoghe Cami Varjoghe Writer and television journalist, who lives in Austria and is currently a Master student in Mass Media & Communication Science.
danielduong Danielduong Daniel Duong Co-founder, photographer and designer of DollVN and OctoGang groups on Facebook. http://danielpen.tumblr.com/
funnypainter Funnypainter Bill Hello, my name is funnypainter or Bill. I love using Stickcam Japan and Ustream. Recently I'm interested building website using WordPress and XOOPS.