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[Weather Alert] Japan may experience typhoon-class spring storm



[Updated at 9:00am, April 4, 2012]

* YokosoNews conclude the weather updates of the violent spring storm since YokosoNews don't recognize the needs, and we need to get back to our regular updates (currently we're cancelling and/or postponding all of our regular updates).

If you live in North Japan and Hokkaido area and need the updates, please leave us a comment or tweet @YokosoNews Make sure to let us know that there is the demand of English information in North Japan or Hokkaido.


Weather condition

As at 6am JST, the low-pressure system is now traveling East on Tsugaru Channel. The strong wind had weakened in West Japan, Tokai and Kanto (Tokyo) region. (NHK 6:10am)

However, the strong wind is still blowing the large part of Hokuriku and North Japan. (NHK 6:10am)

The maximum instantaneous wind were 43.5 m/s in Sado, Niigata, 43.2 m/s in Koguni, Yamagata, 41.1 m/s in Sakata, Yamagata, 40.8 in Akita, and 40 m/s in Honjo, Akita. (NHK 6:10am)

Hokkaido area starts having strong wind. The maximim instateneous wind speed started exceeding 20 m/s in many areas such as Okushiri Airport, and Rishiri. In some area, JMA warns heavy snow storm (NHK 7:37am)

Up to now, there are 3 people killed, and 379 people injured from this violent low pressure system (NHK 5:14am)


Public transportation

Tohoku Shinkansen is out of service between Shin-Hanamaki and Morioka since 6:20am due to the blackout (NHK 6:50am)

Yamagata Shinkansen is planning to be out of service until noon (NHK 8:55am)

Akita Shinkansen is planning to stop their service until 10am (NHK 8:55am)

Many local train systems in North Japan are out of service until the weather calms down (NHK 7:11am)

About 50 domestic flights have been cancelled due to the equipment maintenance. Due to yesterday's many cancellation, some airplanes were not able to reach the departing airports. (NHK 8:55am)

Other tranportation system in the rest of the country are back to normal (NHK 8:55am)


Weather forecast

The storm would continue from Hokuriku to Hokkaido. The storm lasts until noon in Hokuriku (Fukui, Toyama Niigata). The storm continues until the evening in Hokkaido.

There may be the high tides and waves from West Japan to North Japan. JMA predicts 6 to 10 meters high of waves. Tohoku (North Japan) should be careful against flooding.

There may be high chances of sudden thunders and tornadoes in those affected areas.


YokosoNews on Twitter provides quick updates if there is any serious updates. Mention @YokosoNews if you have any questions.

Check JMA's Weather Warning / Advisories of your area to determine whether to cancel or postpond your schedule.


Previous updates

[Updated at 9:32pm, April 3, 2012]

Weather condition

The maximum instantaneous wind were 38.9 m/s in Hachioji, Tokyo at 6:30p, 37.1 m/s in Gotenba, Shizuoka at 7pm, and 35 m/s at Haneda Airport, Tokyo at 7pm, 33.8 in Minamisanriku, Miyagi at 6:30pm, 31.9 m/s in Joetsu, Niigata at 6:30pm (NHK 8:10p)

The unstable cloud came over Tokyo sky. Haneda Airport recorded 29 mm/hour of heavy rain (NHK 8:10pm)

Over 20,000 houses in Toyama, Shizuoka, Shiga, Nara, Tokushima, Wakayama are experiencing blackout (NHK 9:13pm)

As at 7pm, over 249 people were injured and 3 people were killed (NHK 8:43pm)

The  typhoon-class low pressure started brining damages to Tohoku (North Japan) area. But there is no life threatening damages reported but just a couple structural damages. However, as low-pressure system will be passing over, the damages could be more serious (NHK 9:15pm)

Although the people still needs to be cautioned, some of the storm warnings started to be lifted in Osaka / Kansai / Tokai area started to be calmed down (NHK 9:17pm)


Public transportation

Joetsu Shinkansen between Niigata and Tsubame Sanjo has been out of service since 9pm due to the strong wind. (NHK 9:19pm)

Many Tokyo's public transportation lines are out of service. (NHK 8:10p). However, many trains in West Japan and JR Yokohama, Murashino and all Keikyu resumed their services by 8:30pm. (NHK 9:22pm) Yurikamome Line resumed by 9pm. (NHK 9:24pm) The Tokyo's public transportation services would resume its services as the wind calms down later day.

As at 5:30pm, over 725 domestic  flights have been cancelled today. (NHK 7:04p). Since the wind continues in North Japan tomorrow on Wedesday April 4, airline companies are expecting more delay and cancellation. (NHK 9:22pm)


Weather forecast

The JMA forecast says the maximum instantaneous wind could be as fast as

  • Niigata: 28 m/s (54 knot)
  • Kanto, Tohoku & Hokkaido: 25 m/s (48 knot)
  • Hokuriku: 20 m/s (39 knot)
  • Offshore: 25-30 m/s (48~58 knot)

through the morning of Wednesday April 4.

The peak hours of wind in Tokyo may be passed.


[Updated at 6:42pm, April 3, 2012]

Weather conditions

The maximum instantaneous wind were 34.7 m/s in Kyotango, Kyoto at 4pm, 30.9 m/s at Toyama Airport, Toyama at around 5pm, 30.9 m/s at Haneda Airport, Tokyo at 5:30p, 30.1 m/s in Chiba, 29.8 m/s in Shirakawa, Fukushima. (NHK 6:14p)

According to Iwate Pref office, the strong wind broke a window glasses of the temporary housing in Kamaishi, Iwate. (NHK 6:27p)

The wind started shifting from Hokurikun region to Tokyo / Kanto / Fukushima areas.


Public transportations

At 6:26p, Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet train) resumed its service between Yokohama - Odawara. It was out of service since 6:18p (NHK 6:33p)

Most of JR and private train systems in Tokyo are out of services or delayed (NHK 6:16p) The cancelation may last until or past 9pm. But we also started to see some Tokyo train lines resumed its services. (NHK 6:33p)

Even some train lines resumed its services, there would be a number of people trying to rush home. It may take hours to get into the train. YokosoNews suggests to stay in office / school / building until 9pm,

Over 698 flights have been canceled today (NHK 6:28p)

Sanyo Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Hakata resumed its service at 6:30p (NHK 6:38p)


Weather forecast

The JMA forecast says the maximum instantaneous wind could be as fast as

  • Niigata: 28 m/s (54 knot)
  • Kanto & Tohoku: 25 m/s (48 knot)
  • Chugoku & Hokkaido: 23 m/s (45 knot)
  • Kinki & Tokai: 20 m/s (39 knot)
  • Offshore: 25-30 m/s (48~58 knot)

through the morning of Wednesday April 4.

The peak hours of wind in Tokyo may be between 6pm and 9pm.



It is highly recommended that if people in Tokyo are unable to go home due to the train cancellation. YokosoNews strongly recommend people to go back to their office / school / building. Pay attention to the local transportation information.

Stay inside until the weather calms down.


[Updated at 5:16pm, April 3, 2012]

Weather conditions

At 4:33pm, Kobe marked record breaking 36.5 mm (1.43 inches) of heavy rain storm in 10min at 2pm. The heaviest rain storm since 1937 (NHK 4:33p)

The maximum instantaneous wind speeds were 35.2 m/s in Akashi, Hyogo at 3:30pm, 31.1 m/s in Tsunan, Niigata. Nagoya and Saitama recorded over 25m/s of instantaneous wind as well. (NHK 4:58p).

Osaka area is experiencing strong wind at 4pm (NHK 5:06pm).

The strong wind and heavy rain continues in Tokai (Aichi, Nagoya, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka) and Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba area) (NHK 4:58p)

As at 3pm, 60 people were injured and 1 person was killed. (NHK 4:28pm)


Public transporations

JR East decided to cut 30% of the trains after 3pm in Tokyo area. Some of the JR and private systems started to cancel the services already (NHK 2:18p & 3:30p)

JR West canceled all service of Sanyo Shinkansen between Hakata and Shin-Osaka since 3:15pm. They are hoping to resume its service at 6pm. (NHK 3:30p)

At 4:12pm, JR Tokaido line between Ichinomiya, Aichi - Nagoya - Ogaki, Gifu resumed its service (NHK 4:58pm)


[Updated at 3:52pm, April 3, 2012]

The strong wind continues in Toyama, Wakayama, Kobe and Okayama. At 2pm, the maximum instantaneous wind speeds were 34.3m/s (66.7 knot) wind in Tonami, Toyama, 34 m/s (66 knot) in Wakayama and Kobe Airport, 33.7 m/s (65.5 knot) in Okayama. (NHK 3:24p)

The strong wind and heavy rain is expected to continues in Kinki (Kansai / Osaka) and Tokai (Nagoya Gifu Mie) area. (NHK 3:24p)

Now the low pressure system is traveling to East on north shore of Japan. It is expected to run over North Japan tonight.  (NHK 3:24p).


[Updated at 2:40pm, April 3, 2012]

The people in Tohoku (North Japan) are on the high alert as the low pressure is slowly approaching to the region (NHK 2:25pm)

Around 1pm, the maximum instantaneous wind speeds were 41.5 m/s (80 knot) in Wakayama, 31.3 m/s (60.8 knot) in Toyama, 30.6 (59.5 knot) in Fukui (NHK 2:02pm)

There're high alerts against thunder, tournades and heavy rain storm throughout from West Japan to North Japan. (NHK 2:02pm)

One person in Kobe may be stuck in the underground due to the heavy rain (NHK 2:18p)

One 82 years old female in Ishikawa was blowin and killed by the strong wind. One 48 years old man was hit by fallen baseball net, and broke his back. (NHK 1:02pm)

Over 400 flights have been cancelled up to now (NHK 2:18pm)


[Updated at 12:40pm, April 3, 2012]

At 11:40am, Fukui and Hyogo recorded the strongest wind around 30m/s (58 knot) of wind at this time (NHK)

In Toyama, two trucked turned over the bridge due to the strong wind around noon (12:20pm NHK)

Over 270 flights have been cancelled (12:03pm NHK).

Tokyo Metropolitan Government is asking companies to NOT TO SEND their employees home if Tokto train system stopped during the commute hours, and asking the train companies to provide accurate and quick information (12:24pm NHK)


[Updated at 11:24am, April 3, 2012]

As at 11am, April 3, 2012, West Japan and Hokuriku region are now experiencing heavy wind and heavy rain. The storm may arrive Tokai (Aichi & Shizuoka) and Kanto (Tokyo) around noon.

JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) said the heaviest time of Tokyo area maybe around the busiest commute hour around 6pm-9pm. The disruption of Tokyo's transportation system is expected. Many people mey be stuck for a few hours.

Then, the storm will move to Tohoku (North Japan) area. The storm would continue to bring heavy wind and storm through tomorrow morning in North Japan.


[Originally published at 7:27pm, April 2, 2012]

JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) warns to the public that Japan may experience nationwide spring storm of rain and wind (or snow storm in northern area) on Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

According to NHK and Yomiuri, the people in Japan should be on the high alert tomorrow.

The wind should be as strong as 25 m/sec, which is as strong as a typhoon.

Last weekend, Saturday March 31, 2012, Tokyo area experienced the strong wind that caused the disruption of Tokyo's transportation network. JMA said the tomorrow's wind may be stronger.

JMA officials gave the warning that people should go home early tomorrow especially Hokuriku, Tokyo, Kanto and Tohoku area.

The cause of this alert is coming from the low pressure system near Korean Peninsula that are developing abnormally at rapid speed.

The strong wind may starts in the morning in West Japan. It may start around noon Tokyo / Kanto. Tohoku (North Japan) starts in the afternoon.


Expected wind speed (April 3, 2012) according to NHK

Region Est. Max. Wind speed
Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma) & Hokuriku (Toyama, Fukui, Niigata) 25m
Chugoku (Hiroshima, Tottori, Shimane) 22m
Kyushu, Shikoku, Kansai (Osaka), Tokai (Nagoya) 20m
Tohoku (North Japan) 18m
Offshore 20m-28m


YokosoNews suggests to share the news to the people in Japan (especially in Hokuriku region & Tokyo region)


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