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Japan Post (ゆうびん) to stop accepting all air packages to the United States


UPDATE on Nov 30, 2010: They will now resume the shipping to the US on Dec 1, 2010 [ Read More ]

Japan Post announced that they will not accept any air parcels over 16 ounces (453 grams) due to the higher security threat of terrorism in the United States indefinitely. But don't worry. You have alternatives.

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According to its press releases, you can no longer ship anything more than 16 ounces (453 grams) via airplane indefinitely.

However, they do accept surface mail (via ship) which takes months to arrive. And there are a couple alternative shipping carriers: Yamato Transport, DHL, and Fedex.

But you need a social security number or federal tax ID number of the recipient.


Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID number of the recepient!

So I've called Kuroneko Yamato, DHL, and Fedex Japan.

According to Yamato Transport and DHL Japan customer service reps (as on November 16, 2010), you must submit the recipient's Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID number of the company or they will not accept the package. The information will be submitted to TSA.

Fedex Japan customer service replied that as long as the package is "gift" and less than $100, they won't request the social security number.

According to Yamato, Fedex Japan and DHL Japan, they are not planning to stop shipping packages to the US in the near future as on today. There may be a few delay due to the tighter inspection of the local authorities. But they have not recognized any significant delays yet.


Check additional restrictions

In addition to the security threat, it's very hard to ship Lithium-Ion batteries. (Completely un-related to this security threat.)

This include cell phones (iPhone and Androids, of course), video camera batteries, and laptops. YokosoNews has conducted a small research at the beginning of this year. So I hope to introduce sometime soon.


You can no longer ship the secret Christmas present to your love ones in the United States...


UPDATE: They have resumed the service [ Read More ]

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