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Train Schedule in Tokyo (2011/3/14)


Here is the list of service.


[UPDATE] Kanto Train Status

The volunteers are now translating the train status of Kanto.





Please check the "Kanto Train Status" above

(Assembled by Paul Funatani as on 2am 3/14/2011)

SEIBU Railways :

*All day on Special Schedule ( Every 10 min.) only three lines listed

-Ikebukuro Line
   Between Ikebukuro and NerimaTakanodai

-Toyoshima Line
   Between Nerima and Toshimaen

-Sinjuku Line
   Between Seibu Shinjuku to

KEIO Railways

*No train scheduled 9 am - 1 pm, 6 pm - 10 pm
   Half as a regular timetable.
 - Between Chofu and Keio hachioji
 - Between Chofu and Takao Sanguchi
 - Between Chofu and Hashimoto

Odakyu Railways

-Between Shinjuku to Kyoudou
Run Every 15 min.
Service suspended : No Express & Ltd. Express

TOBU Railway

Suspended : Limited Express
Suspended : TJ Liner (Ikebukuro to Ogawa-cho)


Possibly reduce numbers or trains/ schedule change
 - Arakawa Line (Toei Streetcar Arakawa line?)
 - Nippori - toneri Liner


Regular Schedule
- Ginza line
- Marunouchi line


Regular Schedule
- Yamanote line
- Chuo Kaisoku (Rapid) (Tokyo-Tachikawa)
- Keihin Tohoku (Kamata-Akahane)
- Josen Kaisoku (Ueno-Matsudo)
- Joban Keise (Ayase - Matsudo)

- ALL Other lines

JR-Tokai (Central Japan)

- Tokaido line
   Service suspended : 9:20 am to 1 pm,  3:20 pm - 10 pm
   Between Atami to Fuji 

- Minobu line
  Service suspended : 3:20 pm - 7 pm
  Between Fuji and Kajikazawakuchi
  Service suspended : 1:50 pm - 4 pm, 6:20 pm - 8:30pm
  Between Fuji and Kajikazawakuchi


Tama City Monorail

  Service suspended : Daytime
  Reduce ; Morning / Night
   visit website( http://www.tama-monorail.co.jp/ ) for schedule



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