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Typhoon Guchol (2012-4) to overpass Japan


Japan Weather Update

* The hour-to-hour latest updates of Typhoon Guchol is now available.


JMA warned that the very strong typhoon, Guchol (2012-4), is approaching Okinawa and will expect to land Japan's Main Island on Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012.

As at 10am on Monday, June 18, 2012, Guchol was traveling South East of Okinawa heading towards the Main Island.

In the morning of Tuesday, June 19, 2012, Guchol may be nearing the Kyushu Region. Then it may land around Kinki (Osaka), and/or Nagoya (Tokai).

Through the evening or night of Tuesday, it may travel through Tokyo (Kanto region).

By the morning of Wedesday, June 20, 2012, Guchol may approach Tohoku (North Japan) area, then may cross Hokkaido.

It's very unusual to have direct hit of Typhoon in June in Japan.


Please keep checking the local news and watch out for the public transportation disrupption and road closures from Tuesday, June 19 through Wedesday June 20, 2012 thtoughout Japan.

If you're in Tokyo area, you should consider leaving the school/office early to go back home or hotel.


The hour-to-hour latest updates of Typhoon Guchol is now available.

YokosoNews may start providing the latest and immediate updates on Twitter or Facebook. Feel free to ask us a question.

Useful weather info


Preparing against Typhoon

In case of typhoon disaster

  • Find out the nearby evacuation centers (not only just one location, you need back-ups)
    • Near your home
    • Near your work / school
  • Tell your friends and family to get contact point besides telephone
    • YokosoNews recommend
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Skype
      • NOT cellular phone or landline
      • Telephone line should be used for immediate emergency calls
  • Buy a portable radio and batteries
  • Don't leave any easy-to-be-flown objects outside of your house
  • Check the weather forecast extra carefully and more frequently
  • Expect the delays or cancellations of the public transportation and road closure

What not to do

  • Don't go close to river.
  • Don't go close to ocean.
  • Don't go close to mountain or cliff where the possibility of landslides.
  • Don't do anything that you are not 100% sure that it's safe

When the situation gets serious

  • Evacuate before dark
  • Don't hesitate to evacuate if you feel threatened. Don't wait for the warnings from the authorities.
  • Do not evacuate after dark, try to stay inside of the building
    • You may fall into the hidden opened manholes or trench
  • If you're too late to evacuate, try to stay in the higher place
  • If there is cliff behind your house, stay on the other side of the cliff
  • Don't hesistate to call 119 if you feel threatened

Ask YokosoNews

If the typhoon gets serious, YokosoNews may provide up-to-date weather forecast via Twitter andFacebook, and may start emergency broadcast at YokosoNews.tv .

You're welcome to leave a  comment in this page, Facebook or mention @YokosoNews on Twitter if you want to know about the particular region.

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