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Typhoon Roke alert in Tokyo and Tohoku

Typhoon Roke (2011-15) alert in Tokyo (Kanto) and Tohoku

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) just held the press conference before 11am on Wedesnday September 21, 2011. They gave the high alert from Tokai, Kanto (Tokyo) and Tohoku (North Japan) today as Typhoon Roke (2011-15) travels fast.

As at 11am on September 21, evacuation orders and advisories are still being issued to over one million people in 13 prefectures.

[UPDATE] City of Nagoya canceled the evacuation advisory to 800,000 people as the threat of Shonai River was loosened according to NHK as at 12:13pm. Now the total number of the residents, that evacuation advisories or orders were issued to, are down to approx. 250,000.

NHK said there are reportedly 4 death and 2 missing.

According to JMA, Typhoon Roke still gained its strength as it has traveled on Pacific Ocean yesterday. At 11am (9/21), it was located on the south of Mie, bringing heavy rain and wind in those area.

In this afternoon, it's expected to land Shizuoka Pref, travel through Tokyo, and then Tohoku (North Japan)

JMA recommended the people in Tokyo to go home early. Typhoon Roke travels fast. It may gain the speed as fast as 60 km/h. And it is expected to reach Tokyo in the evening.

The public transportation in Tokyo may get canceled or delayed this afternoon as it already has in Osaka and Tokai area.

After this evening, it will travel through Tohoku (North Japan). JMA warned the people in Tohoku where the land was sunk because of March 11 earthquake. The higher tide may worsen the flooding.

The people in South Mie, South Nara and Wakayama are still on high alert due to extra unstable land condition from previous rain storm from Typhoon Talas. The historical rain storm from Typhoon Talas caused massive landslides. It stopped the couple streams of the rivers and created the natural dams. Now they are facing the threat of flooding as the water may be overflown. Or those natural dam could get broken.

Because Typhoon Roke used to travel very slow on Pacific Ocean, it gained its strength. As it approached Japan, it started to catch the speed by mid-latitude westerlies. Typhoon Roke may be able to travel fast without losing the strength.


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YokosoNews is providing the latest and immediate updates on Twitter or Facebook as long as the threat lasts. Feel free to ask us a question.

Preparing against Typhoon

In case of typhoon disaster

  • Know the nearby evacuation center
  • Tell your friends and family to get contact point besides telephone
    • YokosoNews recommend
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Skype
      • NOT cellular phone or landline
      • Telephone line should be used for immediate emergency calls
  • Buy a portable radio and batteries
  • Don't leave any easy-to-be-flown objects outside of your house
  • Check the weather forecast extra carefully and more frequently
  • Expect the delays or cancellations of the public transportation and road closure

What not to do

  • Don't go close to river.
  • Don't go close to ocean.
  • Don't go close to mountain or cliff where the possibility of landslides.
  • Don't do anything that you are not 100% sure that it's safe

When the situation gets serious

  • Evacuate before dark
  • Don't hesitate to evacuate if you feel threatened. Don't wait for the warnings from the authorities.
  • Do not evacuate after dark, try to stay inside of the building
    • You may fall into the hidden opened manholes or trench
  • If you're too late to evacuate, try to stay in the higher place
  • If there is cliff behind your house, stay on the other side of the cliff
  • Don't hesistate to call 119 if you feel threatened

Useful weather info sites

Ask YokosoNews

If the typhoon gets serious, YokosoNews will provide up-to-date weather forecast via Twitter and Facebook, and may start emergency broadcast at YokosoNews.tv .

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