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Near Tokyo, Kamagaya may be the best spot for Annular Eclipse


The historical annular eclipse is coming up on Monday, May 21. If you are around Tokyo, and wondering where to witness the eclipse, why not going to Kamagaya, Chiba?

Kamagaya-city is located at northwest part of Chiba in Japan. It's a typical suburban of Tokyo with the population of over 100,000.

There are only a few public observation events scheduled in Tokyo. But Kamagaya is planning to conduct the city-wide public viewing.

Moreover, the center line of annular eclipse will overpass Kamagaya.

In addition, the various weather forecast including NHK says East Chiba has the higher chance of clear sky in the Monday morning, compared to Tokyo area. It would be difficult to go to East Chiba unless you stay overnight or start driving early in the morning. I suggest to visit Kamagaya.

You MUST read our Annular Solar Eclipse Complete Guide for your safety or you may lose your eye sights within a second!

Direction from Tokyo Station

It would take approx. 50min, cost 570 yen.


  1. Take JR Sobu Line bound for Chiba (25 minutes)
  2. Get off at Funabashi Station
  3. Transfer to Tobu Noda Line bound for Kashiwa (15 minutes)
  4. Get off at Shin-Kamagaya Sta. (5th station from Funabashi)

We recommend to leave Tokyo Station by 5:30am. The maximum eclipse time of Kamagaya will be at 7:30am. You should arrive there between 6:30am and 7am.

Public Observation Spots

Kamagaya city is planning to hold various observation spots in the morning of May 21 - on the rooftop of City Hall and surrounding Shopping Centers, such as Across Mall Kamagaya and AEON from 5am.

Observation spots guide

AEON Shopping Mall

Recommended to kids, the city will prepare pinhole stages and tents

Across Mall Shinkamagaya

Recommended for adults.

City Hall Rooftop

Recommended for adults and the better access for the disabled.

Special programs

Special Certificate:

City of Kamagaya will issue the special certificate to prove that you witness annular solar eclipse in Kamagaya at the above spots.

Special Marrigage Certificate:

If you're the resident of Kamagaya and turned in the marriage paper to the city hall window between 8:30am and 5:30pm. The city will provide special photo shoot and mail the special certificate with annular eclipse photo.

f you can read Japanese, visit Kamagaya city special web site for detail.

Weather forecast


IEnjoy and safe observation. DO NOT RISK YOUR EYE SIGHT by seeing sun directly even for a second!


This article was originally published at Bill's blog post and added and edited by Katz Ueno

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