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Osaka Get's Free Wi-Fi


Having lived in Osaka for about 4 months during 2012 I really like the urban convenience of the transport system for getting around the city. The downside is not having access to Wi-Fi Internet if you don't have a contract with a Japanese phone carrier. This is also the case in all the other Japanese cities.

But Osaka has now joined the Wi-Fi revolution and is providing visitors and less well-connected residents with free access to Wi-Fi Internet from a range of convenient places across the city.

The Osaka Free Wi-Fi and Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite are being sponsored by Osaka Tourism and provide users with unlimited sessions during a day (up to 30 minutes at a time) with only 4 sessions at 15 minutes each for the Lite version. The versions are dependent on the location you access the services from.

While you aren't able to access the service from just anywhere, they have provided the hotspots across all the major transport lines and tourist centres around Osaka. Train lines such as Kintetsu, Keihan and Nankai provide access at many train stations. And tourist attractions such as Umeda Sky Building, Sakishima Observatory Building, and Visitors Information Centres (at Shin Osaka and Namba stations) also provide access points.

To access the service you only need a modern smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android, Windows), a valid email address and your are ready to go. It couldn't be any simpler.

Check out the options for Osaka Free Wi-Fi and make finding information during your stay in Osaka much simpler.


Gary Menzel
My daytime job is as a architect in Information Technology systems buy my hobbies cover Music, Theatre and Art. I am a native Australian but spent time in Japan (Osaka) several times and travel there often. Read more ยป