How to make an Japanese idol - Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory 1st final audition



Yet another Japanese idol to be born. The Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory (名古屋美少女ファクトリー) first final audition took place on Sat, March 17, 2012 at Club Ozon in Sakae, Nagoya, Japan.

Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory is brand-new Japanese idol group. It's too new that they haven't been born yet!

YokosoNews is currently following the audition process. This is the sneak peak quick photo report.


Their audition took (will take) place for 3 rounds. The first round was held during the cosplay/anime song event., Shiritsu Nagoya Idol Gakuen (means Nagoya Private School of Idol) which they are not really an official school but the series of cosplay/anime song event.

During the audition, each candidate was given 1 min to perform anything (speech, sing, dance or even karate kick.).

The audiences of each round are the judges to choose the new idol out of 24 candidates!

The upcoming audition

Next audition will take place at Bic Camera in front of Nagoya Station on March 31, 2012. And then the final audition round will be held at ESCA, underground shopping mall at Nagoya Station.

If you happened to be in Nagoya on those days, you can pick the next idol!

The photo gallery

Photo by Achim Runnebaum (Albas Inc., Photography)

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