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Ojimon (おじモン) is the alternative to Pokemon !?

Jul 22nd, 2016
Posted by katzueno
When you get bored, you may want to play Ojimon instead. Read More

Paid WiFi is now open to Kyushu Quake Victims

Apr 14th, 2016
Posted by katzueno
According to NHK, Paid WiFi service is now open to quake victims in Kumamoto, Kyushu Japan. Look for SSID "0000Japan" Read More

Finally, Tattoo Friendly Resort is Coming Soon in Japan in Oct 2015

Apr 17th, 2015
Posted by katzueno
Japan's premiere hotel chain, Hoshino Resort, has announced its trial program to allow tattoo travelers to take hot spring as long as their tattoo is small enough to cover, starting in October 2015. Read More

Pikachu Café in Roppongi

Aug 11th, 2014
Posted by yokochan90
This summer Tokyo has a new attraction for all fans of the little yellow Pokemon: the Pikachu Café. Come and enjoy some nice Pikachu Curry or eat delicious Pikachu Pancakes. Read More

Kill La Kill - AnimeExpo 2014

Aug 11th, 2014
Posted by joserenteria
A Kill La Kill event that was presented at the AnimeExpo 2014 in Los angeles, USA. Read More

Studio Ghibli slightly revealed its plan to Southeast Asia

Aug 7th, 2014
Posted by katzueno
Studio Ghibli is planning to keep story development in Japan but to move the animation production to Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and now negotiating in Vietnam. Read More

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Championship Photo Gallery

Aug 4th, 2014
Posted by achimrunnebaum
The complete photo gallery of World Cosplay Summit 2014 Championship. Feel the heat, performance of the cosplayers and fabric! Read More

Studio Ghibli to shut down its production dept. and halt new project

Aug 4th, 2014
Posted by katzueno
According to TBS, Studio Ghibli announced their plan to restructure its production department and halt new project during their shareholders meeting on June 27, 2014. Read More

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Championship Round-up

Aug 2nd, 2014
Posted by garymenzel
Team Russia won the Championship of World Cosplay Summit 2014, and it’s their first time to win. Read More

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Red Carpet

Aug 1st, 2014
Posted by katzueno
The another exciting year begins in Nagoya. World Cosplay Summit Championship is taking place in Nagoya, Japan. The representatives from 22 countries came to perform, and determine the world's best performance. Read More
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