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Ojimon (おじモン) is the alternative to Pokemon !?

When you get tired of walking and playing other game


When you get bored playing Pokemon Go, perhaps you could take a break by playing the おじモン (Ojimon / Ojisan Monster) game available on Apple Store since April 2015.

The game is very simple.

Weirdly cute middle-aged man faced monsters show up in front of you.  You tap to toss the monster ball to catch them.


Then you send them to the underground mine to dig some rock to make money.


The more monsters you catch, the more you make money.

Once you collect certain a certain amount of money, click the "開発 (Develop)" button on the right. You can develop your town to upgrade the level.


This game seems to be available globally.


Simply copy the following Japanese characters


and search on the Apple Store.

Or you could use the following links.

Sometimes it's fun to go back and play a simple game.



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