World-class Cosplayers in Nagoya



On Thursday July 29, 2010, YokosoNews interviewed 26 cosplayers from 13 countries who were attending World Cosplay Summit 2010 last weekend. Everybody was overwhelmed but excited to perform at last weekend's WCS 2010.

Many of them arrived to Japan a day before the interviews were taken. And they were in the tight schedule busy from meeting to photo shoot to meeting. Some of them were overwhelmed by the attentions. Yet they were all excited to be in Japan.

Some have been doing coplay over 10 years, some have only been doing a few years.

If you are looking to pursue the World Cosplay Summit 2011, you better check what kind of cosplayers were chosen.

The following videos are English interviews. (Simply, YokosoNews posted English interviews only because that's the language we understand).


In order of interviews taken:

Team Thailand - Orawan Aggavinate and Patawikorn Uttisen


Team Australia - Melanie de Chantraine and Amber Martini


Team France  - Laura Salviani & Cecile Auclair


Team USA - Kathryn & Krystal Stoner


Team Germany - Désirée Richter & Brigitte Böttcher


Team Denmark - Louise Eriksen & Line Maria Eriksen


Team Singapore - Tan Jun Mao & Christy Bell Goh


In addition, Team Italy talked about how Luca Buzzi (Left) spotted Giancarlo Di Pierro (Right) during the Carnival, and asked him to become his partner of cosplay. For Buzzi, it was harder to control Di Pierro than making the costume because he's a typical Italian.


The interviews were held with other press members.

Among them, there were Japanese student reporters. In Japan, some people don't have good impression toward cosplay. Sometime cosplay are considered as hobby for nerds. The students reporters were asking questions to the representatives if their family or friends are open to cosplay.

The student reporters were a bit surprised that cosplay are more open hobby in Western countries mainly because they've been already dressed up as characters through Halloween or carnival events.

That was another contrast of the interviews.


Anyhow, congratulations to everybody, especially Team Thailand and Team Italy!

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