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World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship

World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship

On August 3rd, 2013, World Cosplay Summit 2013 was being held at Oasis 21 in Nagoya, Japan. 40 representatives from 20 countries performed their cosplay performances in front of vast number of audience.

The performance must be based on Japanese manga, anime or video games. Each team was given 2 min 30 seconds. The five (5) judges gave the scores of each performance. Each judge was given 30 points: 10 points for performance, 15 points for costume, and 5 points for how their respect the original story. 

In addition, Nico Nico Video was doing online popular votes for its awards. Online live stream viewers were able to participate to determine which team was the best.

Team Italy had won both Championship and Nico Nico Video popular votes.

World Cosplay Summit 2013 Results:

World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship

  • The Winner - Italy
  • 2nd - USA
  • 3rd - Thailand



  • Cyperius Award (Best Wig)
  • Nico Nico Award (Online popular votes from live streaming viewers)
  • Joysound Award (Best Sound Effects)
  • Anistal Award (Best Performance)
  • Brother Award (Best Costume)

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Photos by Achim Runnebaum

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