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Annular Eclipse Nagoya 20120521 by Achim

Japan annular solar eclipse

The comprehensive report of Monday, May 21, 2012

The people all over Japan filled with full of joy when they saw the annular eclipse. The comprehensive report of the large scale astronomic event happened in 936 years.


The 2 minutes digest of YokosoNews live cast

Katz and Achim were filming the video and stills photography on the rooftop of a building in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.


Click here to watch the un-cut 2-hour recorded video of live cast


Eclipse photo

The beautiful photos of annular eclipse in Nagoya, Japan, shot by Achim Runnebaum (Albas Inc. Photography).

Kamagaya eclipse sighting report

Report by Bill

Across a number of cities in Japan, they were holding the eclipse sighting events incluidng Kamagaya.

Kamagaya, Ciba is the suburb of Tokyo which is 50 min away by train. They were holding city-wide eclipse sighting event across the city center of Kamagaya. Over 5,000 people witnessed the eclipse.

In the morning, at Kamagaya Station, people started to arrve and headed to shopping malls or city hall to witness the eclipse.

Shin Kamagaya Station

Eclipse event signs at Shin Kamagaya Station

On the rooftop parking lot became the viewing sight.

The rooftop of Across Mall Kamagaya during eclipse event

City of Kamagaya was issuing the city's official certificate of eclipse sighting. This certificate serial number was already over 4,500.

Kamagaya City eclipse certificate

On the rooftop.

The rooftop of Across Mall Kamagaya when eclipse started

There are several stands to sell various eclipse related goods and food. One of them were Eclipse Melon Pan (Melon flavored bread).

Store stands including eclipse melon pan

When the annular solar eclipse happened, people were cheering and enjoyed sharing the historical events togather.

Across Mall rooftop when the eclipse reached maximim state


Extra: Behind-the-scene of annular solar eclipse live cast

The annular eclipse happened early in the morning. Katz woke up at 3am. Achim didn't go to sleep at all. We met at 4am, ate curry rice at the small fast food joint, went up on the rooftop. And live casted the event.

It was fun.

Twitcasting archive

Behind the scene iPhone live cast archive


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