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5 Creative Japanese tech products as your gift(s)

Originally inspired by the article by Mashable.

15 Creative USB Drives for Storing Your Data in Style

The holiday season is coming up. So it’s time to start thinking about your gift. If you are interested in Japanese stuff and want to have something Japan related and somewhat creative…, here are some recommendation.


1. USB Style Japanese Garden

¥4,999 / $54.99 /€44.49 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

This is USB-powered water pump. It doesn’t do anything else but pump the water. But it may be cool to place next to your computer to relax.



Where to buy:


2. Chopstick Light-Saver

¥2,240 / $24.64 / €19.94 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

If you are Star Wars and Japan lover. This is must-have item.


Where to buy:


3. Hello Kitty Dock Speaker for iPod

¥19,950 / $219.45 / €177.56 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

It comes in two colors: white and pink. In addition to a regular remote control, you can caress the ears to control the volume! How cute!


Where to buy:


3. Ninja Shuriken USB 2GB Memory

¥11,500 / $126.50 / €102.35 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

It’s Ninja Shuriken style USB stick. And due to its shape, it is not really recommended if you tend to connect a lot of external devices to your computer. But if you are exchanging data a lot with your friends, it could be a good way of ….. Opps.. I will stop here… Obviously, it is NOT a weapon. You NEVER want to throw it to other people.


Where to buy:


4. Japanese Sensu USB Drive

¥27,500 / $302.50 / €244.75 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

The summer of 2010, everywhere in the world had suffered hot weather. So this Sensu (Japanese fan) could be a great gift. In addition to cooling your body, you can save 16GB of data! How cool is that!?


Where to buy:


5. i-Disk Sushi Series (Urchin, Salmon,Tune & Ikura)

Sizes: 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB / Price depends on the type and data size

¥4,000~4,200 / $40-55 / €30-40 + S&H + Tax (where applicable)

I don’t think you need explanation. It looks delicious. But you cannot just eat them.


Where to buy:

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Or find your retailers near you: 


That’s all. Get ready for the holiday season!



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