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Japan Matsuri - OSPF 2010

The Festival

[ 2010 Program guide in Japanese ]

Dates & Times:

October 15~17, 2010

Oct 15: 3:00p~8:00pm

Oct 16: 11:00am~8:00pm

Oct 17: 11:00am~7:00pm



Throughout Osu Shopping District, Nagoya, Japan


There are few parking lot around the Osu area. There will be 400,000 people coming to see the festival. We recommend to use subway. There are two nearby stations. Osu Kannon and Kamimaezu.


Nearby Subway Stations:

Osu Kannon (大須観音) on Tsurumai Line (鶴舞線) - Use Exit #2

Kamimaezu (上前津) on Tsurumai Line (鶴舞線) - Use Exit #8


From Nagoya Station - 200 yen

  • Get on Subway Higashiyama Line (東山線) towards Sakae (栄)
  • Get off at Fushimi (伏見 - The first station)
  • Transfer to Tsurumai Line (鶴舞線) toward Akaike & Toyota
  • Get off at Osu Kannon Station (大須観音 - 1st station)
  • Find the Exit #2 and walk upstaire
  • After exiting the station, go straight (There should be many people walking towards the Osu Kannon).
  • Osu Kannon main stage will be on your left. You should see the red gate


Google Interactive Map:

Click each balloon and read the description on the left corner of window.

[ YokosoNews Google Interactive Map of OSPF ]


#NOTE: Roping performers are moving around the shopping arcade. Walk around the shopping district to find those performers as well.


Festival Program Summary

There are 30 street performers with 180 shows (45min each), plus Oiran parade, Wresling, Haunted House and etc. So you won't be able to see everything.


Schedule wisely

We recommend to schedule to see these shows first. When you are moving from a stage to another stage, you could stop by to see other performances on the way.


YokosoNews' Pick

YokosoNews asked a couple festival volunteers to recommend a couple shows. Here are several performances that you don't want to miss!

The number next to the time is the stage # which is mentioned in the interactive map. The location number is also written in the program guide distributed on-site.


Oiran Dochu

Oiran (Wikipedia) is entertainer and dancers from old Japan. Osu District used to be a full of Oiran Geisha. The parade is the revival of the old times.

A dozen Japanese women are auditioned. They are the chosen ones.


Kinpun (Goldmen's) Show - Dairakudakan

Performers paint themself gold and show you somewhat erotic dance and a little bit of fire performance.


  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #12 - 12:00pm
      - 2:20pm
      - 7:30pm * DON'T MISS IT
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #17 - 11:20am~
      - 1:40pm~
      - 6:00pm~ * DON'T MISS IT


Firedance (Hitsuke Tohzoku)

20101015-02.hituke200901.jpgFire dance performance.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #13 - 1:20pm
      - 3:20pm
      #4 - 6:20pm * DON'T MISS IT
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #3 - 12:20pm~
      - 2:20pm~
      #4 - 5:00pm~ * DON'T MISS IT

BMX Juggling - Mr. Apache

20101015-03.bmx200901.jpgMr. Apache show you the juggling and BMX. There are many followers just to see him every year.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #4 - 12:40pm
      #8 - 2:40pm
      #8 - 4:40pm 
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #4 - 11:40am~
      #6 - 1:40pm~
      #13 - 4:20pm~ 

Japanese Street Music - Chindon-Tsushinsha Tozaiya

20101015-04.chindon200901.jpgChindon-ya (チンドン屋) used to be everywhere. They are walking music band with Japanese drum and Japanese flutes. They used to walk around and promote the special sale of the local stores.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #4 - 12:00pm
      #6 - 2:00pm
      #10 - 4:00pm 
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #4 - 11:00am~
      #6 - 2:00pm~
      #10 - 3:00pm~

The Topical Seller (Gama no Abura Uri) - Koh Ishihara

20101015-05.ishihara200901.jpgGama no Abura Uri is traditional salesman from 1700s. In order to sell topical medications (Ointment). the merchant perform some trick on the street to stop the padestrians so that he can sell the medicine. You may need to understand Japanese... but it's one of very typical Japanese street performance to chec.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #6 - 12:40pm
      #9 - 2:40pm
      #4 - 4:40pm 
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #9 - 11:00am~
      #13 - 1:00pm~
      #17 - 3:20pm~

Kendama Yusuke Ito

20101015-06.itoukendama2009.jpgKendama (Wikipedia) is a wooden stick with an attached ball by string. It's a toy for kids. But Mr. Ito will show us amazing performance after years of training.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #16 - 12:40pm
      #5 - 2:40pm
      #10 - 4:40pm 
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #16 - 11:00am~
      #10 - 1:00pm~
      #9 - 3:40pm~

Osu Firefighers Performance - KIzukuri

20101015-07.kiyari_1.jpgKizukuri is practice and performance among fiire fighters since Edo era. This performance was originally started as a practice to overcome the fear of height and fire. The firefighters show the dance on the tall ladder. So that they can prove that they can climb higher to cease the fire.

  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #4 - 12:40pm~
      #2 - 3:20pm~ * Recommended


Osu Daiko - (Japanese Taiko Drum)

20101015-08.ohsu_taiko2010.jpgThe Japanese taiko performance by the perople of Osu

  • 10/16 (Sat)
    • #2 - 10:50am
      #3 - 1:20pm
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #3 - 11:06am~
      #3 - 1:20pm~


Se-Shami Street (Japanese Shamisen and Acrobat)

20101015-09.seshami200901.jpgSe-shami Street sounds familiar... But it's all about Japanese shamisen (Wikipedia) and acrobatic performance.

  • 10/16 (Sat)
  • 10/17 (Sun):
    • #17 - 12:20pm~
      #9 - 3:00pm~
      #16 - 5:00pm~

Don't Miss Other Performers

There are more than 20 other professional street performers. Try not to miss those as well.


Give us some feedback

YoksooNews is welcome to collect some feedback. If you have any suggestio besides providing more detail information (sorry we didn't have enough time this year).

Tell us your favoite performers at the bottom of the comment section.

You can also send us some photos and videos. Upload the photo on our YokosoNews facebook page, or send us the link where you upload your video or photos.


Volunteer Wanted Next Year

Osu Street Performance Festival is looking for volunteer for the next year. We'll start calling volunteer in Aug 2011. Become a fan of YokosoNews' YokosoNews facebook or follow us on Twitter. We'll announce when they start accepting the volunteer next year.


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