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Cheaper Internet shopping from Japan?

Japan Post is engaged for inexpensive online shopping experience to the rest of the world

By this Spring, Chinese online shoppers will benefit from cheaper shipping cost of buying Japanese products because of the agreement between Japan Post and China Post. Moreover, Japan Post is looking forward to making the same kind of deal with the US Postal Service and other countries.


On November 22, 2010, Japan Post announced the press release that they've reached the agreement with China Post.

China has 400 millions Internet users and 130 billion-yuan online market. Many Japanese online shops have also expanded the business to the Chinese market. Many Chinese started buying Japanese products.

But the expensive shipping cost has been the major bottleneck among Japanese ecommerce providers.

Rakuten, Nissen and Yodobashi Camera are the early adopters of this partnership.

Japan Post and China Post will co-host the corporate customer center to conduct the shipment, reduce the cost of EMS,  reduce the time of processing at custom and delivery confirmation for cheaper international services.

Also they will assist Japanese online stores to join


Chinese shoppers will start getting this benefit by Spring.

In addition, Shinichi Nabekura, the president of Japan Post, was answering the interview of TV Tokyo's Word Business Satelite that he's looking forward to make the same kind of agreement with the United States Postal Service and other countries.

Since Japan is surrounded by ocean, the shipping cost is always the headache for both online stores and buyers. Let's hope for Japan Post to make a good deal with other countries!



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