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1,000 yen Shuttle from Narita to Asakusa/Ueno will debut on Dec, 1, 2010

Alternative competitor to Keisei Skyliner

Narita airport is located one hour away from Tokyo. Although Haneda International terminal opened its door last month, Narina is still the entrance to many of international flight. Sometime it's a headache for travelers who have to spend 1 hour to reach Narita airport.

But there are another good alternative for travelers.

On December 1, 2010, Cab Station will launch "Super Shuttle" - the reasonable 1,000 yen limousine bus service from Asakura & Ueno area to Narita Airport. They will be the cheapest transportation to Narita from Ueno/Asakusa area.


According to TV Tokyo's Word Business Satellite, Cab Station cut its cost by reducing on-site staff and bus stop (This means you really have to pay attention where the bus stop will be). The bus driver will be holding the sign when the bus arrives.

And the bus driver won't carry any cash. You must reserve and pay the fare online or phone. You can only use credit cards in advance. Read their English FAQ page for more details.

Since it's a new service, they only have 4 round trips. The last bus that leaves Narita for Tokyo is 3pm. Man international flights arrives after 4pm. There will be the huge demand for 6pm bus to Tokyo. But they are new services. Let's hope for expansion.

Thanks to the increasing tourists, they do have English, & Chinese website and customer services in addition to Japanese.


Super Shuttle - Low Cost Limousine Bus


FYI, If you want to arrive a little faster (40 min & 2,400 yen), use Keisei Skyliner.




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