Cherry blossom 2012 early forecast released


WeatherNews just released the early forecast of Cherry Blossom for this 2012 season. This year, the cherry blossom tends to bloom a little later than last year due to the colder winter weather.


ATTENTION: The beginning dates above are the beginning of blooming. Usually it takes a couple days to a week to reach the full bloom. Cherry blossom is geougous when you are able to catch the right moment.

WeatherNews is one of private weather forcast company in Japan.Other weather forecast agency will release their own prediction soon. But here are the partial list of their prediction from their press release.

Disclaimer: The following forcast is as on Feb 21. The dates are just a forecast. It could change due to various circumstances.

Location Name Flowering Full bloom Falling
Hokkaido Shin Hidaka Nijukken Street May 4 May 7 May 9
Aomori Hirosaki Park April 26 May 1 May 4
Mityagi Shiroishi River April 17 April 23 April 26
Fukushima Miharutaki Sakura April 14 April 20 April 16
Tokyo Ueno Park March 29 April 6 April 10
Ishikawa Kenroku-en April 10 April 17 April 21
Nagoya Nagoya Castle April 2 April 6 April 10
Mie Ise Shrine April 5 April 12 April 16
Kyoto Kyoto Gyoen March 29 April 6 April 10
Osaka Expo Park April 2 April 10 April 14
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park March 31 April 8 April 12
Tokushima Tateyama Park April 2 April 9 April 13
Fukuoka Nishi Park March 29 April 7 April 12
Nagasaki Tateyama Park March 27 April 5 April 10
Kagoshima Meisho Senganen March 25 April 3 April 8

Depends on the speices of cherry blossom, the blooming prediction could varies even if they are in the same region.

If you can read in Japanese & want to know specific location, they will soon release the comprehensive forecast of 660 location nationwide in Japan. Please check their website.

Sakura Channel (for PC) 

Weather News Touch (for smartphone)

Mobile site

If you would like to know some specific area, leave us a comment below. Next time when we have more detail, we'll try to give you those locations.


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