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The world's top 3 fireworks shows of 2010

& videos found on YouTube

The September already arrived in Japan despite of hot tempureture. It's really hard to feel that August ended. But we can feel it by seeing all kinds of new fireworkd videos uploaded on YouTube.

As the part of summer conclusion, I personally selected the top 3 fireworks of 2010, and introduce the newly added videos.


DISCLAIMER: The videos do not represent 100% of the actual sound, shockwave and beauty. You'll have to be there to experience them.



#3 - Kumano Oh Hanabi (熊野大花火大会)

The Shockwave

August 17, 2010, Kumano-city, Mie

Name in Japanese 熊野大花火大会
Name in English Kumano Oh Hanabi Taikai
Kumano Big Fireworks Show
Dates Every Aug 17 (may pospond or cancel due to the weather)
Location 七里御浜
Shichiri Ohama (Beach), Kumano, Mie, Japan
# of fireworks About 10,000 in 2 hours
# of spectators About 150,000
Organized by City of Kumano
Kumano Tourism Agency
Web (Japanese only)

The fireworks show takes place at the beach. And the beach is surrounded by the mountain, and the cliff.

So fireworks will be shot from the offshore or set the fireworks on the cliff.

There are three main events of fireworks. "海上自爆 (Offshore Bombs)", "三尺玉海上自爆 (one-meter shell Offshore Bomb)", and "鬼ヶ城大仕掛け (Oni-ga-jo Cliff Bomb)"

海上自爆 (Kaijo-JIbaku) means "offshore suicide bomb". Pyrotechnicians ride on two boats full throttle and drop the firework shells onto the ocean. And the fireworks explode across the beach as the boat runaway.

三尺玉海上自爆 (San shaku Kaijo Jibaku) means "offshore suicide bombing with 3 feet large shell". They set the 3 feet (approx 1m) radius fireworks shell offshore and set the fire. The diameter of the fireworks goes upto 600m. And the spectators also feel its shockwave. I've never enjoy the "touch" of ther fireworks in my life.

The following video was shot on Aug 17, 2010. You won't be able to tell how big it is..., but... man... this guy was really big.

鬼ヶ城大仕掛け (Oni-ga-jo Oshikake) means "The Trap of Demon Castle". There is the cave on the cliff on the side of the beach. Pyrotechnicians set the fireworks at the cave and set them off the fire.

The show itself has long history. One fireworks will change your life guranteed!



#2 - PL Fireworks Art of 2010 (教祖祭PL花火芸術)

8000 Fireworks in a min

Aug 1, 2010, Tondabayashi, Osaka

Name in Japanese 教祖祭PL花火芸術
Name in English Kyoso-sai PL Hanabi Geijutsu
Cerebrating Perfect Liberty Guru, the Art of Fireworks
Dates Every Aug 1 (may pospond or cancel due to the weather)
Location 光丘カントリー倶楽部
Kokyu Country Club, Tondabayashi, Osaka
# of fireworks About 20,000 in 1 hour
# of spectators About 250,000~300,000
Organized by Perfect Liberty

This fireworks show is the part of the ritual of a Japanese religious group, Perfect Liberty. Usually, each fireworks show has reserved special seating for paying spectator or sponsors. But you need to be a religious member to have a good viewing position.

This fireworks show is known for the last minutes. Without an explanation, you'll just have to watch this one minutes - taken on Aug 1, 2010.

8,000 fireworks in 60 seconds! Now you'll really have to see them in your own eyes.



#1 - Nagaoka Fireworks (長岡花火)

2.8km-long New Pheonix

Aug 2~3, 2010, Nagaoka, Nigata

Name in Japanese 長岡花火
Name in English Nagaoka Hanabi
Nagaoka Fireworks
Dates Every Aug 2~3 (may pospond or cancel due to the weather)
Location 信濃川河川敷
Shinano River riverside, Nagaoka, Nigata
# of fireworks About 10,000 (1.5 hours) x 2 days = 20,000
# of spectators About 700,000 total
Organized by City of Nagaoka
Nagaoka Matsuri (Festival) Committee
Web (Japanese only)

In 2004, Nagaoka was devastated by several disasters including deadly earthquake.

Hoping to overcome from the tragedy, they decided to encourage people by showing this 2.8km (1.7miles) long fireworks along with the song "Jupitar" by Ayaka Hirahara. The theme song was selected by the people of Nagaoka.

The fireworks show is the part of 3 days Nagaoka Festival in Nigata Prefecture. You just have to be there to witness the 2.8km long span of fireworks.

The following video was shot on Aug 3, 2010.

In addition to its scale, they do Phoenix twice in 2 days!

The fireworks is too big to capture. So I found the follwing video from 2009 (last year) which was shot in distance.

Actually, this fireworks show was broadcasted on Ustream. We hope they do broadcast next year to witness the awesome show live. We'll let you know via Facebook or Twitter.



YokosoNews strongly recommend to plan your trip to Japan next year to see at least one of these fireworks show.

We'll bring you how-to guide of going to these fireworks show next year.



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