Shopping a Kyoto sensu (fan)


The summer 2011 has been very hot in Japan. Before going to Gion Matsuri, YokosoNews visited Ohnishi Tsune Shoten in Kyoto to shop a Japanese fan (sensu) so that we can cool down.


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Ohnishi Tsune Shoten started its besiness since the beginning of Showa Era. They are in business over 80 years.

They're the wholeseller of Kyo-sensu (Japanese fans made in Kyoto) which is also available to the public. Their sensu are all hand made by the craftspeople.

Their store is located 5 blocks from Shijo-Karasumaru station on a small street built with traditional Kyoto style building.

Once entering the store, there are full of sensu incense, and lines of beautiful crafts.

We were fortunate take the tour of their store. We were able to go in the back side where only "VIP" are allowed to come in.

Katz decided to do Twitcasting and asked which sensu to buy, and chose green one. The staff seemed impressed that iPhone can connect with the people all over the world and chose the sensu.

Their sensu started from 2,000 yen. The nice one cost over 5,000 because it's a hand-made by skilled craftspeople.

They don't have online store or ship internationally. But if you demand them more, they may chane their mind. Visit their store, tell them you saw it on YokosoNews :)

Ohnishi Tsune Shoten / 大西常商店


Open from 10am~6pm.
Closed on Sundays and Japanese national holidays.

23 Hontorocho, Takakura-nishiiru, Matsubara-dori, Shimogyo, Kyoto, Japan, 600-8086
〒600-8086 京都市下京区松原通高倉西入本燈籠町23

TEL: 075-351-1156

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