The 19 year-old gets FREE lift tickets at 70 ski resorts in Japan during 2011-12


Jalan, the Japanese travel portal by Recruit, Ltd., will launch the Yuki Maji program on November 1, 2011 with over 70 skiing resorts in Japan.

If you're 19 years old, your lift tickets may be free during 2011-12 season.

According to the blog post, Ikenotaira Ski Resort in Nigata came up with this idea since the winter sports population of Japan has never stopped declining since the mid 1990s.

Especially, the young people lost their interest in skiing and/or snow boarding because it cost money to rent or buy ski or snow board. And there are many other alternative entertainment compared to the decades ago.

By doing this promotional campaign, they hope that more young people start skiing or snow boarding.


The rules & guideline

The detail rules will be revealed on their Yuki Maji program website on November 1, 2011. However, there is the official Facebook page. And Ikenotaira Ski Resort already made the promotional page to explain the rules.



The eligible people

The people who are born between April 2, 1992 and April 1, 1993 (According to Japanese school calendar year)

Participating ski resorts

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4 patterns of free programs

Not all ski resort provides free lift tickets to all 19 years old all the time. There are 4 patterns of free programs which depends on ski reports. You must check the regulations of each place.

Some ski resorts provide either of the following:

  • Free lift tickets for ALL DATES during 2011-12
  • Free lift tickets EXCEPT during the busy season (12/23/2011~1/3/2012 & 1/7/2012~1/9//2012) during 2011-12
  • Free lift tickets during WEEKDAYS, but EXCEPTS the busy season  (12/23/2011~1/3/2012 & 1/7/2012~1/9//2012) during 2011-12
  • Free lift tickets to AFTER peak hour (e.g. after 4pm. The time varies depends on the ski resorts).

How to claim free lift tickets

  • The eligible people must register at Jalan's Yuki Maji website after November 1, 2011.
  • You will receive the membership number via email. Print it out, or save it in your mobile or smart phones.
  • Bring your original picture ID (Student ID, Japanese driver's license, Juki card or passport)
  • Show your membership ID number and picture ID and receive the lift tickets at the ticket box office in the ski resort


Useful links

Yuki Maji 19 Official site 

Facebook Page

Ikenotaira Resort promotional page 


Participating ski resorts

The list of participated ski resorts will be availalbe on their program website after November 1, 2011.

However, according to the unconfirmed sources such as this, the following ski resorts already claimed to take part. This is PARTIAL LIST and some ski resorts may not have official English name.



Tomamu / トマム (web)


Naqua Shirokami Ski Resort / ナクア白神スキーリゾート (web)


Shizukuishi Snow Resort / 雫石スキー場 (web)


Ikenotaira Ski Resort / 池の平温泉スキー場 (web)

Yuzawa Nakazato Ski Resort / 湯沢中里スキー場 (web)


Alts Snow Park  / アルツ磐梯 (web)

Inawashiro Ski Resort / 猪苗代スキー場 (web)


Norn Minakami Ski Resort / ノルン水上スキー場 (web)

White Valley Ski Resort / ホワイトバレースキー場 (web)


Kurohime Kogen Snow Park / 黒姫高原スノーパーク (web)

Kurumayama Kogen Ski Resort / 車山高原 (web)

Mt. Norikura / Mt.乗鞍 (web)

Mt. Kosha Group

XJAM Takai Fuji / XJAM高井富士
Yomase Onsen / よませ温泉
Makinoiri Snow Park / 牧の入スノーパーク 

Nomugitoge Ski Resort / 野麦峠スキー場 (web)


Hakodate Yame Ski Resort / 箱館山スキー場 (web)

Kunizakai Kogen Snow Park / 国境高原スノーパーク (web)


Banshu Tokura / ばんしゅう戸倉 (web)


Utophia Saioto / ユートピアサイオト (web)


As on October 27, 2011.

The list will expand to over 70. Please check the official website after November 1, 2011.

Some ski resorts do not have official English name. Katz just translated those names in English. Please use Japanese name as their official name of the ski resorts.

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