Yozakura 2012 at Gojo River, Iwakura, Japan [Photo]



Yozakura means cherry blossom at night (yoru よる + sakura さくら).

Cherry blossoms at Gojo River (ごじょうがわ / 五条川) is known to be one of the top 10 cherry blossom spots of Japan according to the popular poll by WalkerPlus. YokosoNews visited Gojo River riverside to witness the cherry blossom (Iwakura Sakura Festival / いわくらさくらまつり) at night of April 7, 2012.

The light up events are being held every year during full bloom season from sunset to 9pm.

Although Gojo River is very small river, the narrow stream makes cherry blossoms to be looked like an arches over the river.


There is no much place to party. On the other hand, you can walk along the riverside and not to worry about many drunk people partying.

Gojo River is located 5 min walk from Iwakura Station on Meitetsu Inuyama Line, which is 15 min ride from Nagota Station.

There will be many street stalls to sell foods and goods.

Spots data

Gojo River / ごじょうがわ / 五条川

Nearby Station: Iwakura (Meitetsu Inuyama Line), 15 min from Meitetsu Nagoya Station


Events: Iwakura Sakura Festival / 岩倉さくらまつり

It usually takes place on the weekends of full bloom period. Nightly illumination event takes place from sunset to 9pm during the full-blooming period of their sakura.

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