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Hatsumoude - The First Shrine Visit of the Year

Jan 1st, 2014
Posted by joebrauer
Japanese people are very competetive. They want to be the first, the best, have the highest, fastest and longest. Representing that idea is the also, that a lot of things are named "The first ... of..." Read More

Santa brought me some.... Chicken?

Dec 25th, 2013
Posted by achimrunnebaum
A look at how the Japanese celebrate Christmas. It's different, but heartwarming nonetheless, this article takes a deep look at how this western tradition has changed Japanese culture when it comes to the Christmas season. Read More

Manga made in Germany

Sep 15th, 2013
Posted by yokochan90
Christina Plaka is one of Germany's best known manga artists who already has published several manga stories in her homecountr. We were able to do an interview with Christina about her passion to manga and her latest work. Read More

Hero for a day

Aug 23rd, 2013
Posted by achimrunnebaum
Couldn't make it to the WCS this year? No worries... here are links to many pictures from the event. It's almost like being there... Enjoy Read More

Thousands Cosplayers in the middle of Japan

Aug 4th, 2013
Posted by achimrunnebaum
A day after World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship, thousand of cosplyers got united in the middle of Osu Shopping District to cerebrate their cosplay culture. Read More

World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship

Aug 4th, 2013
Posted by katzueno
Team Italy showed us what is the world class cosplay is about at World Cosplay Summit 2013 Championship Read More

World Cosplay Summit 2013 - Red Carpet

Aug 2nd, 2013
Posted by katzueno
The World Cosplay Summit 2013 red carpet welcomed 20 teams from all over the world. Read More

A Day Unlike Any Other - Weddings in Japan

Jun 21st, 2013
Posted by achimrunnebaum
An inside look at Japanese Wedding traditions and some images from Katz's own wedding in Japan. It was a wonderful day with great people in an amazing city, and here's the tale behind the event. Read on to get the whole story on this momentous day... Read More

Rich Man Poor Woman - Drama Review

May 15th, 2013
Posted by camivarjoghe
It is not a cinderella story of the real world, it is so much better than that. Read More

Samurai do not only exist in Japan

May 9th, 2013
Posted by yokochan90
One day at the Hanami festival in Bad Langensalza (Germany) Read More