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[Weather Alert] Japan may experience typhoon-class spring storm

Apr 4th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
JMA warns to the public that Japan may experience nationwide spring storm of rain and wind (or snow storm in northern area) on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 Read More

iPhone 5 may be out in June 2012

Apr 3rd, 2012
Posted by katzueno
iPhone 5 may be released in June 2012 according to the report of World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo on April 2, 2012. Read More

Google introduced 8-bit version of Google Map. It's awesome!

Apr 1st, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Google has always been cool company to release the latest technology to the market. Today on April 1, 2012 (JST), they bring the legacy technology to new form of life, the Google Maps 8-bit version Read More

How to make a Japanese Idol - Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory Final Audition

Mar 20th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Yet another Japanese idol to be born. The Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory (名古屋美少女ファクトリー) first final audition took place on Sat, March 17, 2012 at Club Ozon in Sakae, Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya Beauty Girls Factory is brand-new Japanese idol group. It's too new that they haven't been born yet! Read More

311 Memorial Update #53

Mar 11th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Live at 2:00pm on Sun, March 11, 2012 (JST), 1 year anniversary of YokosoNews Emergency Update for remembering our 311 experience. We will discuss how our lives has changed. Then we will feature Photohoku project. Read More

311 event listing

Mar 8th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Weather in Japan or oversea, there will be tons of event organize during the anniversary weekend of East Japan Great Disaster of March 11. If you haven't decided what to do besides watching YokosoNews live cast, there are plenty of events all over the world online or offline. Read More

Facebook is testing their Disaster Message Board

Feb 28th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Between Feb 28 and 29, 2012, Facebook is doing the Japan Nationwide Test of their new Disaster Message Board. They introduced the alternative way to get in touch with your loved one. If you're accessing from Japan, you can join the test. Read More

Flu alert: this year's vaccine may not work

Feb 24th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
According to NHK, many people in Japan caught influenza even though they had flu shots. Flu virus may be mutated in season 2011-2012. Read More

Japan may have usual hot summer 2012

Feb 24th, 2012
Posted by katzueno
Japan Meteorological Agency released the latest long-term forecast. It will become warmer in March and West Japan may be hot in Summer. Read More

Cherry blossom 2012 early forecast released

Feb 21st, 2012
Posted by katzueno
WeatherNews just released the early forecast of Cherry Blossom for this 2012 season. This year, the cherry blossom tends to bloom a little later than last year due to the colder winter weather. Read More